Please request participation in the Tele-Town Hall with Rep. Elise Stefanik, and respond to her statement regarding Trump’s executive order regarding refugees.

Tele-Town Hall

We do not believe that the Tele-Town Hall is an adequate substitute for meeting face to face with her constituents. However, we can use it to demonstrate her inaccessibility.

Call Rep. Stefanik’s Plattsburgh office (518-561-2324) by the close of business on Monday January 30th and ask to be added to the Tele-Town Hall list. Be sure to identify yourself as a constituent – give name, town of residence, and phone number. The option closes at close of business on Monday, Jan 30.

Please note the actual meeting will involve Rep. Stefanik calling a subset of the phone numbers on this list. But you may be one of the lucky few, in which case the district needs you!

We will follow this action with one that outlines several issues with talking points in order to help people who are invited to the call prepare questions. If you are selected PLEASE RECORD THE CALL and pass along the recording.

Trump’s Executive Order Regarding Refugees

On Sunday January 29th, Rep. Stefanik posted the following statement on her Facebook page:
“Our first role as the federal government is to protect our national security and I believe we need to work in Congress to reform and strengthen our visa vetting process. However, I oppose President Trump’s rushed and overly broad Executive Order. On the House Armed Services Committee, I have advocated for Iraqi and Afghans who have served side by side as our allies to be prioritized to access visas. It is Congress’ role to write our immigration laws and I strongly urge the President to work with Congress moving forward as we reform our immigration system to strengthen our homeland security.”

Recommended action
When speaking to the Plattsburgh office to sign up for the tele-town hall, thank Rep. Stefanik for making a public statement opposing Trump’s Executive Order. Other offices you may wish to contact regarding her public statement: DC office (202-225-4611), Glens Falls office (518-743-0964), Watertown office (315-782-3150).

Future Visit to Rep. Stefanik

Visit Rep. Stefanik’s website and request an in-person town hall meeting in the district with advance notice. The House of Representatives calendar shows a district work period scheduled for February 21-24, so you may wish to request a meeting during this timeframe. Use this link to make a meeting request: Please send NW? a message indicating the day you selected so that we can track how many people called and how many people she agreed to meet with.

Likely, she will not grant meetings, but we may be surprised, and this will allow us to track her responsiveness.