Biodigester Project in Lake Placid: A free lecture and discussion by Tammy Morgan, LPCHS Science teacher

Wednesday, April 12, 7-8:30

North Country Community College, Mulholland Hall, Room S-19

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Tammy Morgan, science teacher at Lake Placid High School, has spearheaded the biodigester project at Lake Placid’s Recycling and Transfer center. This project intends to remove food and vegetation waste from landfills and turn them into energy, liquid fertilizer and compost. Funded by a grant and supported by the village, this project expects to show an income from what was an expense.

A biodigester is a device that digests organic materials, like food waste or manure, and turns it into a gas that can be used for cooking, electricity, or heating. Visit this page for more information about biodigesters. More information about Ms. Morgan’s project is here.

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