February 15, 7-8:30 PM

North Country Community College, Mulholland Hall, Room S-19

See NCCC Campus Map for directions.

We hear that people have become comfortable calling their legislators and now want to take the next step of meeting in person. 

This Community Action Meeting will open with a presentation by Margaret Bartley on how to plan and get the most from a meeting with an elected official

Political Activism

Margaret Bartley is a former Elizabethtown Supervisor and member of the Essex County Board of Supervisors.  She taught US Government and History for 26 years. She is currently the Vice-Chair of the Essex County Democratic Committee.

To understand what is happening in our state and nation, you must understand how government works at the local level.  The elected officials in the State and Congress, began at the grass roots level.
ALSO: Avoid Burnout & Boredout
There is a lot to do, and it looks like we’ll be doing it for a long time. So the breakout sessions following the presentation are designed to help us all to maintain the momentum over the long-haul.

Session 1: Are you interested in organizing rallies?  They are happening across the region, and this is a way to figure out how to coordinate with other groups.

Session 2: What if your Representative is hard to find? Are you interested in organizing a trip to Washington, DC to meet your Representative? Talk more with the presenter about how to do this.

Session 3: Experts recommend figuring out ways to stay active by plugging it into our existing schedules and social circles. Are you interested in organizing and hosting a “Wine and Write” to stay active while being with friends?

If you can’t come to the meeting but want to help in any of these three areas email Now What? at