“Show up! Dive In! Stay At It!” ~Barack Obama

Friday, January 20th, Lake Flower Landing

421 Lake Flower Ave, Saranac Lake, 7-9:30 PM,  Parking on Colony Ct. and Merrill Street

Come join us in a gathering of like-minded people to chat, eat, drink, make music, and to meet people from other progressive organizations in the area.

We will also take action!

Please bring finger foods, and drinks for yourself. Bring music. BRING INSTRUMENTS.

There will be an open jam as well as group singing.

Come out and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Alternative Inauguration Party

  1. Sitting here in San Francisco – CHEERING YOU ON!!!! I am part of Together We Will and we are marching on the 21st – raise a glass to all of us with the heartfelt message of uniting, moving forward, protecting those who need protection against this current Trump regime and taking back the message of being on the right side of history. We of have a mandate and a purpose – step up, shout out and gather up courage to make a statement of change.

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